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Children's Hats

8 results
Infantium Victoria
Black and Blue ...
$ 54,54
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Infantium Victoria
Wizard Pointy H...
$ 49,58
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Infantium Victoria
Grey Scarf-Hat
$ 49,58
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Infantium Victoria
Black Knitted H...
$ 54,54
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Infantium Victoria
Black and Yello...
$ 54,54
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Chef's Hat Blue...
$ 20,56
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Infantium Victoria
Off-White Beani...
$ 44,63
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Infantium Victoria
Blue Beanie Hat...
$ 44,63
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Cute and functional accessories: Ethical hats for children 🧒

This is one of the sections that we couldn’t miss in the children’s accessories, kids love their hats! Whether it’s for winter or for summer, wearing a cute beanie or knitted hat to stay warm, or a cap to stay protected against those UV rays is key.  

We’ve got all hat options for your children. Choose from a variety of vegan hats for kids we’ve compiled in this segment, made with care and consideration for the environment by brands and sellers committed to the planet, people and animals. By using more sustainable materials, these hats for children have likely used less resources than the usual hat would have. 

Keep your child warm in the winter with a vegan beanie ☃️

Winter is one of those opportunities to dress your child in cute clothes, but sometimes the stay-at-home jumpsuits need to be put aside in case it’s time to go to school. 

Whether your child prefers to wear a beanie or a knitted hat, they’ll stay warm with these hats made by Infantium Victoria. They offer scarf hats and knitted hats for children, handcrafted in Spain under fair working conditions and fair compensation. 

Beanies for children ranging from 2 to 8 years old, these hats are made of organic cotton, taking the environment into account at all times. 

It’s summertime! More sustainable caps and snapbacks for kids 🧢

When it’s time to head to the beach, whether you’re already living there or taking the road or the skies to reach your final destination with the family - hats are essential! They’re comfortable accessories, protective and can also add a touch of style to your kids’ summer outfits. 

Keep your kids protected from sunburns while still enjoying the sun by using one of our cruelty-free and vegan sunscreen and ethical caps. 

Choose from a variety of colours, fabrics and styles that your children like the most. Caps and snapbacks are super cool accessories for toddlers, and great for children who like to play in the sun. On the beach, backyard or even out there in the football or tennis fields.