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That time of the month has arrived again * sob, sob *. Okay, okay, there are a hundred and one disadvantages to having your period, but there is something good to be gained from all that bad.

Go ahead and down that whole bar of your favorite vegan chocolate. You're exused to drown yourself in self-pity. If you can't bring yourself to do much, you can binge watch your favorite Netflix series with a hot water bottle and a soft blanket, stretched out on the couch. Since you are such an emotional wreck in this difficult period, you can't help yourself but intensely sympathize with all the characters and burst into tears every five minutes, after which you are stuck in the giggles - washing out all the remainings of your mascara. You remain unpredictable like the weather. No worries, it happens to the best of us.

Your first necessity during shark week is really a pack (what do we say, packs!) of pads or tampons. Or menstrual cups for that matter - we got ya.

YONI offers natural products that perfectly protect and care for your intimate zone and that are also 100% vegan.

Their pads are made from certified organic cotton and both the back and the packaging of the bandage is made from bioplastic, which is obtained from corn starch. Additionally, the tampons and pads are completely free from harmful, toxic substances. The GOTS certified cotton is also biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly. The products are also hypoallergenic, which minimizes the chance of irritations and infections if you are afraid to step away from the drugstore brands.

The sanitary pads and tampons are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Additionally, the YONI sanitary pads have wings, which ensures that you leak less quickly and you continue to experience a dry and safe feeling.