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Hair Removal

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Vegan hair removal and shaving care for him and her 🧑🏽👩🏼

Body hair is a very personal issue. Everyone should have the freedom to make their own decision about removing their body hair or not. Regardless if you identify as a woman, as a man or as someone in between. Your body, your hair, your choice! But if you do want to remove your body hair and you’re looking for vegan and cruelty free shaving products, you’ve come to the right place.

Our vegan and more sustainable department store has all the products you need for shaving and hair removal at home. We have more sustainable razors, vegan shaving soap, vegan shaving foam and vegan shaving gel. Let’s check it out!

Hair removal razors that are more sustainable 🪒

Disposable razors are bad news for the planet and your wallet, so choose environmentally friendly reusable razors. The durable razor blades for him and her from Oceonics are a lot less harmful to the environment than disposable blades. The Safety Razor is even more long lasting, because the knife comes with five stainless steel blades. The closed comb makes shaving very easy and great to use for the bikini line, armpits and legs. Oceonics is a plastic-free brand and we love that!

If you’re not that into more sustainable hair removal razors, but prefer a vegan hair removal wax, no problem! We have that in store as well. We make vegan hair removal easy!

Vegan shaving soap, foam and gel: happy skin, happy animals 🐇

Werfzeep's shaving soap for men and women is a great choice, especially if you have sensitive skin.This organic handmade shaving soap soothes the skin and is of course cruelty-free.

The vegan shaving soap bar from HelemaalShea is super easy and economical to use. Rub the soap over your damp skin until it foams, and you’re ready to shave.

We also recommend the vegan shaving gel from Juuls Store, with hibiscus and lime scent. Your skin will smell and feel great! With these vegan and cruelty-free hair removal products, your bikini line, armpits and legs will feel smooth like never before.

Vegan and more sustainable personal care 💚

Before you go out showing off your super smooth skin, take a look at our vegan and more sustainable collection for personal care. From cruelty-free sun protection to more sustainable menstruation products, you’ll find it here. Take good care of yourself and the planet!