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Bumi Bars
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About our vegan & fair hair care products

Perhaps your mom used to cut your hair because she had to. Now as an adult, maybe you sometimes still look back on those days where you didn’t have to worry about what your hair looked like. Well, guess what: you still don’t.

Animal-friendly shampoo and conditioner for all hair types

But if you’re looking to break a pattern, make a change or just like to mix up your hair products game, then we’ve got the goods. Everything to make you love your hair like you ought to be – and completely plant-based!

Mo’ Plastic Mo’ Problems

In this day and age you can hardly get any product without it being packaged in some type of plastic. What can you do as a consumer? You have your needs and they must be met. At Shop Like You Give a Damn we know these things, nay, understand these things.

Shop your honest hair care here

So here’s what we suggest: our honest and fair trade BUMI BARS are handmade and wonderfully scented vegan shampoo bars, produced with natural ingredients and packaged in recycled paper. By using a shampoo bar you can meet your needs and actively contribute to a world where we produce less plastic. No bottles, no parabens and no palm oil. The sustainable shampoo bar lasts a long time and is also super handy for traveling.

Cruelty-free care for vegan offspring

In an ideal world, vegan shampoos are looking towards a brighter, more conscious tomorrow. Just like the future generations. Nope, we haven’t forgotten about the little ones: our cruelty-free shampoos are mild and suitable for kids. That way you don't have to purchase separate products for every member of your family, big or small.

Sustainable shampooing with organic ingredients

Choose one of our handy vegan 2-in-1 shampoos, or pick a plant-based shampoo and turn washing your hair into a multisensory experience with fruity fresh-scented clouds of foam. For sensitive scalps we have lovely and cruelty-free styling products and gentle vegan shampoos, like the natural shampoos from HAPPY SOAPS made with organic ingredients.

Animal-free dry shampoo? We got you!

All right, so you need fresh hair, extra fast. But you’re traveling. Or you had a hot and sweaty night. Or you’re in a hurry. Or all three combined? No worries. Just sprinkle or spray some refreshing vegan dry shampoo from SMPL or COLAB on your hair roots and brush the product out. The result: hair that smells fresh, looks clean, and has a ton of volume. You’re ready to go and handle your business in style now.

When the hair breakage is over

Whether you’re wearing your strands curly, fine, wavy, straight, dry or damaged: a lightweight vegan conditioner will give your hair the moisture that it needs. And hydrated hair = happy hair. Our cruelty-free conditioners will definitely work their magic on your locks. They take brittle hair and give it the strength to carry on. They are there for your hair, so your hair can be there for you. So better be ready to add the hair flip to your repertoire once again.

100% plant-based pampering: from vegan dyes to hair masks

The amazing, animal-friendly ARGANIQUE oil treatments, made with jojoba and argan oil, let you achieve the shine you’ve been looking for. (And we're pretty sure that it'll also rub your scalp the right way.) Also, applying the occasional plant-based hair mask or a gentle vegan hair dye from I HEART REVOLUTION will ensure that you’ll always leave the house with a spring in your step. Treat yo'self!