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Hair colouring

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Happy new hair

It remains fascinating how a change in your hairstyle can give you a completely different look. A fresh haircut or a new hair colour often feels like a new beginning. Suddenly, you're completely ready to leave behind all the negative events of the past and start a new chapter, with your new oh-so-trendy hairstyle. Your Hollywood hairdo makes you feel extremely confident and you wonder why there is no red carpet at your door?

What is wrong with the average hair colouring product?

Most of the hair colours that you spot in the average drugstore, or that are used by your favorite hairdresser, undoubtedly give a satisfactory result, but are often not animal-friendly and are packed with chemical ingredients that can be harmful to your own health and is harmful to the animals and the environment. Plus, your beautiful hairstyle isn't worth letting lab animals suffer, right?

This is how you create an animal-friendly rainbow-unicorn look

The I HEART REVOLUTION RAINBOW SHOTS are multiple products at the same time. A rainbow shot is a temporary hair color, shampoo and conditioner in one and we love it. After washing your hair you'll step out of the shower with a new coloured coupe! The hair colour stays around for 1-3 washes, so if you have regrets, no worries. You'll be able to wash the color right out again. This product would be perfect if you just want to try something out! The dye is available in six colours and is completely cruelty-free and vegan.

Paste for your hair: easily colour your mane

The I HEART REVOLUTION RAINBOW PASTE offers a completely new way to colour your hair. Due to the solid "paste" structure, the dye is easy to use and you can hardly go wrong.  Not only can you colour your hair with the paste, you can also use it to style! Colouring and shaping your hair has never been easier. This hair colour is also easy to rinse out again. Additionally, the paint is free of animal ingredients and cruelty-free, which means: not tested on animals. And animal-free, that's how we like it! Is your perfect color not listed? Then you can also create these yourself by mixing different colors together!

Semi-permanent hair color for a manic mood

The MANIC PANIC semi-permanent hair color is free from peroxide, parabens, gluten, resorcinol, PPD and phthalate, not to mention 100% vegan. No hint of beeswax, carmine, honey, wool fat or anything else you don't want in your makeup and (hair) care products.
The hair dye is easy to apply on natural hair, but when you first blonde your hair, you achieve the best results. The dye is available in the hugely cool colours such as "vampire red", "ultra violet", "purple haze" and "shocking blue"!

An ultimate fairytale look naturally requires the right makeup. With our amazing colourful eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, nail polishes and lipsticks, free from animal ingredients and animal suffering, you can create the perfect fairytale look.

Regret your colour?

Do you regret your semi-permanent hair colour? Don't panic, because with the vegan HAIR COLOUR REMOVER products from REVOLUTION PRO you can bring your old hair color back to life in three steps. You can remove the color easily and quickly without damaging your hair. With the supplied conditioner, enriched with baobab oil, you'll nourish your damaged and dry hair and transform it into soft and flexible locks. In addition, the products are free from harmful substances such as bleach and ammonia.

Plenty of dyeing, styling, blow-drying and curling the hair can be really harmful to the hair in the long term. But with proper care of your beautiful locks you can avoid a lot of damage. With our awesome, environmentally and animal-friendly shampoos, conditioners and hair masks you'll do your scalp and hair a favor!