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Vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly body products

Fuelling your body with delicious vegan food, doing a fun workout, and practising self-love are great examples of taking care of your body. But don't forget – nurturing, moisturising and washing your body is also an essential part of your body care routine.

So, why wouldn't you do it with vegan, cruelty-free, fair and more sustainable body products? It's never too late to start with a better body care routine for you, the animals and our planet.

100% Vegan and planet-friendly body care products are so worth it! 💚

As the skin is the human body's largest organ, it deserves the most gentle care. Our body products have a wonderful smell and soft and nurturing touch. Find the right match that suits your body's needs. Vegan & cruelty-free body products for dry, oily or highly sensitive skin... we have it all!

Switch to cruelty-free and eco-friendly hands & feet products& 🙌

Our feet take us wherever we need to go and our hands prepare all the lovely plant-based meals. So, it's time to return the favour. Because your hands and feet deserve all the care and love.

Fighting the germs with vegan and cruelty-free hand sanitisers and animal-free and eco-friendly soaps is the way to go. They are not only gentle to your hands but also to our planet.

Have a look at the Fairtrade-certified body products in glass bottles from Fair Squared. Or check the cute handmade vegan soaps in recyclable paper from HelemaalShea. And have we already mentioned Juuls Store? Their vegan products with fruit and floral aroma come in reusable packaging!

Your body will appreciate a vegan bath or shower after a long day 🛀

It doesn't matter if you are more team bath or team shower. In our online department store, you can find the perfect vegan, fair and sustainable bath & shower products.

Our products range from vegan bath bombs to cruelty-free shower gels and foams. So, you can definitely check off many items from your body essentials list!