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We are committed to bringing you a collection made by decently paid people who work under fair and safe conditions. This is how we verify
Our entire collection is made more sustainably by brands who are dedicated to protect the environment. This is how we verify

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Oeko-Tex PETA-Approved Vegan

It’s RubyMoon: the world's first sustainable not-for-profit that reuses plastics that are swimming around in our oceans and financially supports female entrepreneurs in 14 developing countries. The British founder Jo-Anne had worked for years in the (unsustainable) clothing industry when she decided to start her own company: "I wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem." The result: ethical swimwear and activewear that not only has a good story, but also looks great.


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Mission: don’t become a part of the problem, become a part of the solution

After working for 25 years in the fashion industry, Jo-Anne decided to become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Spurred on by the unsustainable situation she experienced in her fashion career, she founded the brand RubyMoon (named after her grandmother who inspired her throughout life). Jo-Anne is a lingerie and bath apparel specialist, mother and activist. At RubyMoon, she’s responsible for the design and product development.

Jo: "The fashion and textiles industry is the second biggest polluter, after the oil industry. And o less than one-sixth of the world's workforce is employed in this industry; mainly including women who receive a very low wage and are subject to modern-day slavery. That is why, in my opinion, this is the industry with the greatest potential for change and improvement." Especially for women and by women. Because together, according to Jo, women make 70% of consumer choices. She believes that casting a vote with our money is the most effective way of bringing about positive change.

Social impact and environmental impact: RubyMoon is fair, socially active, and combats plastic soup

RubyMoon is proud to be the first swimwear and sportswear company that is making a positive environmental and social impact. In fact, this was the driving force behind RubyMoon, and the main reason for founding the company. "We offer the perfect products for 21-century women who are passionately aware of their impact as a consumer, but still don’t want to compromise on the fit, aesthetics or function," states Jo.

This social enterprise consciously opts for clean, local and transparent sourcing and production. ‘Ethics’ is the brand’s middle name: RubyMoon fights for the elimination of modern slavery and guarantees that its supply and production chain is completely clean and transparent.

Feel-good fact: they only use recycled materials for their garments. To achieve this, they work together with Healthy Seas – an organization which, among other things, retrieves fishing nets and plastic waste from the sea. "Ghost nets" (fishing nets left in the sea by fishermen) make up 48% of the waste that ends up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. These nets are difficult to see in the dim water and are completely entangled. Hence, they pose a great danger to seals, turtles, marine mammals and fish. With every purchase of RubyMoon, you help clean the ocean and save these marine animals from a fatal end.

The brand actively contributes to making the oceans cleaner and helps to increase the biodiversity of the seas. Also, by transforming all this waste into beautiful clothing, their CO2 footprint is 42% lower than comparable products from new synthetic materials! In addition, they use waste-reducing printing and painting techniques for their fabrics. These are vegan and Ökotex certified, which means that no harmful chemicals are being used.

Full profit from the 'fitness wear' becomes microloans for the underprivileged

100% of the net profit that RubyMoon makes goes to women in 14 different developing countries. These amounts act as a microloan for women to start their own business and generate an income for themselves and their families in order to find a way out of poverty. In honour of the inspiring and hard-working women that RubyMoon proudly supports, the garments are named after them. Financially, the brand has already helped more than 600 women this way! You can read who they are here.

Jo: "We convert our net profit into microcredit loans for female entrepreneurs in developing countries to set up and build their own businesses. Women are the changers in developing societies: when women are authorized to own assets or earn income, household money is more likely to be spent on food, medicine and housing. This also makes their children happier and healthier. The communital status of women is thus increased, sometimes in places where they didn’t have any rights before." Great!

The #BoPo, inclusive and colorful design of this vegan swimwear and sportswear

The designs from the RubyMoon collection are versatile and suitable for mixing and matching to your heart's content, while following the principles of slow fashion. They focus on appearance, fabric, construction and fit to offer everyone the best fitness clothing there is – produced from chlorine-resistant, durable, high-quality fabric that’s made from recycled Lycra. Offering a nice selection for all shapes and sizes, they do their best to support the body positivity movement. #BoPo. Whether you are in the gym, a hot yoga class, in a swimming pool or in the sea, this is the outfit for you. Wear the RubyMoon items your way!


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