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Noumenon 44,46
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Bralette Ruby White

Oh Seven Days
$ 44,46


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Product details

Cotton knit elasticated bralette. The ultimate Sunday morning coffee in bed attire. Made from a surplus cotton elastane blend. This bralette features a gathered elasticated top that is perfect for high -waist skirts, shorts & pants.

  • 100% surplus cotton elastane blend
  • Wide straps and super stretchy
  • Produced in Turkey



"Ethics and aesthetics": that’s how to sum up Noumenon. Inspired by the noumenal world of the philosopher Immanuel Kant, founder Dena devoted himself to making cruelty-free fashion that’s produced equally ethically as elegantly. This Dutch brand doesn’t contribute to fast fashion and doesn’t launch seasonal collections. Noumenon chooses "slow design": creating timeless clothing, made for conscious individuals who want to feel beautiful and comfortable – both inside and outside.

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