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Shop Like You Give a Damn participated in Warm Sweater Day!

Lio Lio 05 Feb 2021 Shop Like You Give a Damn participated in Warm Sweater Day!

"Warm yourself, not the world." That is the motto of the Dutch collective climate action 'Warmetruiendag'. Because today, we are all - at least for one day - turning down the thermostat by 1 degree Celsius and putting on an extra warm jumper instead.

Aiming to bring the Dutch tradition of ‘Warmetruiendag’, or warm sweater (jumper) day to the UK, the Shop Like You Give a Damn team will of course participate in this wearing our finest, most beautiful and sustainable sweaters!

Even though during these times of the pandemic we temporarily do not use our office and we do not work together physically, all fourteen of us still participate in this Warm Sweater Day: our thermostats at home all one degree down, adding another layer to our outfits to keep warm ??

Because saving energy is something we are all doing in our own way. You know the classics: don't shower too long, don't leave the TV on when you're not really watching and use your car only when you really need to.

But the most fun way to really make an impact is perhaps the collective climate action of the Warm Sweater Day. But... why? And how much energy actually is saved?

In this article:

What is Warm Sweater Day?

The aim of Warm Sweater Day is simple - turn your thermostat down by 1 degree Celsius and stick on your favourite warm jumper. As since the pandemic started, we’ve all been home and in hoodies and joggers/leggings - why not pull on your favourite warm jumper, cosy up with a cuppa, and turn that dial down by just one degree celsius today?

Warm Sweater Day was started by the Climate Alliance in The Netherlands (Klimaatverbond) which found inspiration from the Kyoto Protocol. Since the birthday of the Kyoto Protocol is on February 16th, there’s a celebration around that date each year. The aim of Warm Sweater Day is to remind participants of the promises made to reduce emissions and stop global warming.

Because when we think of CO2 emissions, we often think of polluting factories, planes, cars and the countless electrical appliances in our household. But often the emissions that come from heating buildings are completely forgotten. But make no mistake:

At EU level, the space heating consumption is assumed to hold the largest portion of households energy use representing a whopping 65%1.

That's why 'Warmetruiendag' was started: the biggest and cosiest collectie climate action out there!

So what difference does that one degree make?

Quite the difference. By turning your thermostat down by 1 degree celsius, 6% of energy and 6% of CO2 emissions are saved.2 

The cumulative effect would be enormous: the UK would save 1.18 million tonnes of CO2 annually if everyone carried out such a decrease.3

Looking at the money side of things, the amount saved on the average daily electricity bill by doing this is only the cost of a Freddo per household. But when we look at the amount of energy saved per year, just by doing this simple task, you’re looking at the following savings per year.4:

Use Level

Average Utility Bill

Average Utility Bill Daily

Savings per day

(6% of 1 day)

Savings per day

(6% of 1 year)
















So not only would you be helping to save the planet, but also be saving money! You can only imagine the impact of the whole of Europe doing this, or even the whole world.

To conclude: every jumper counts. And this, you don't have to tell our team twice...

How Shop Like You Give a Damn does Warm Sweater Day

Of course our team is joining in the fun today! Check out our #Warmetruiendag. This is us, showing you our warmest, most sustainable, nicest, and simply favourite jumpers and telling you about what we're wearing today:

Here's 13 of our teammates and their jumpers

Amie foto


Oh, Lilac. I love this pastel colour. I love it so much that I bought a lilac sweater and shawl in the exact same tint. Both are made from organic cotton by Jan 'n June. I took my sweet time considering buying these beauties because they weren’t cheap and I didn’t really know if I needed them. Eventually I caved and let these Lilac pieces give color to my days at least one day every week. I’m wearing a t-shirt with long sleeves beneath them, something I do daily in the winter.

Bart foto


Because my wardrobe doesn’t contain actual warm sweaters, I always wear multiple layers to stay warm in the winter. In this photo I’m wearing my favourite shirt by Kings of Indigo, with a beanie for some extra warmth.

Paul foto


I never wear a sweater without a shawl. The shawl keeps me nice and cosy and makes it easier to turn down the heat in my eco-friendly home with solar panels, triple HR++ glass and underfloor heating. For my wardrobe I always look for items that I can take with me on the journey that’s called life. This is why this outfit isn’t 100% vegan, but the result of consciously (not) shopping over many years.

Sonja foto


When it’s really cold, I always wear sweaters with a turtleneck and an extra layer underneath. I’ve been looking for the perfect sweater dress for ages and found the perfect one in this one when I was thrifting a while back. A sweater to live in!

Tim foto


Don’t be afraid to work with layers to defy the cold. This vegan and fair shawl is made by Hafendieb

Polly foto


I saw this sweater in the wardrobe of my sister where it was collecting dust, and thought: not on my watch! Since I adopted this pre-loved item it’s my favourite sweater and I wear it every time I want to get and stay warm.

Brenda foto


This is my absolute favourite sweater. With its double layered sleeves and the high neckline it not only fits super snug, it also keeps my warm in the coldest of situations like ice winters in Canada!

Alex foto


This canary yellow sweater may be ugly, but it’s amazingly warm! It’s not made by a sustainable brand, but has been with me for over 10 years! 

Stephan Kim foto


A lovely sweater from SKFK with an equally pleasant memory. Recently I was in a clothing store with my sweet mother - a rare outing for these two - we both fell in love with the fierce colours of this sweater at the same time. But I did not know the brand at that time and I never just buy something.

So there I stood, in the middle of this (not particularly sustainability-oriented) store, awkwardly googling a bit on the brand, what was known about the working conditions, the quality marks - to see if it felt right to buy it. After some thorough mobile based research we were glad to discover it was an ethical brand. And me and my mother both got the sweater :-) The mother-daughter-duo still has to do a #twinning!

...and Stephan

My mother gifted me this lovely sweater by our seller Kuyichi for my birthday last December. Like Kim's above, it’s made of GOTS-certified, has a fine turtleneck and a deep green color - not something I already had in my closet. My mother had picked it out in our own department store together with Kim, my partner in business and life - great fun! In this sweater, even with this epically wild corona beard, I feel almost like a distinguished gentleman.

João foto


This sweater is made of 100% cotton and isn’t very sustainable. But I’ve had this sweater for years and I can always count on it keeping me warm when I turn down the thermostat. 

Lio foto


This sweater I stole from my mother, who bought it 30 years ago on the Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. Talk about durability! We always swap clothes and jewelry to change things up and keep our wardrobe varied and inspiring. This way you can always wear something else without having to buy new stuff.

Jopie foto


This vest I bought 10 years ago on a festival where I bought this bolero / cardigan / sweater about 10 years ago at a festival where I have been volunteering for years. It is handmade and I bought it from a small indie designer stand that is there every year.

I love the details and although I fix all my damaged clothes several times before I throw them away, after all these years nothing has ever got damaged/broken on this cardigan! I am still very happy with it. It is warmly lined, made of eco-friendly materials, and still super comfy. Also nice: the pointed hood is multifunctional and can also be used as a scarf when wearing it.

12 favourite vegan winter jumpers from our 2021 collection

Specially for today, Sonja selected some of her favourite warm sweaters, for men and women.

The finest vegan sweaters for men

How about this burgundy red hoodie from the Hafendieb brand? Nice matchie-matchie with our Tim. Known for its beautiful, comfortable basics made from more sustainable materials such as tencel and recycled PET bottles. Perfect for layering, this hoodie is made from super soft, 100% organic cotton.

Or opt for a sweater from the Infinitdenim, which is known for recycling old jeans and revolutionizing the fashion industry with its circular approach. For extra warmth you can also go for a sweater with a turtleneck, for example in the color dark green from the brand Kuyichi (the one Stephan is rocking above). Incidentally, the brand pioneered with 100% organic denim, and every year publishes a report on their social responsibility and environmental impact in the spirit of transparency.

The finest vegan sweaters for ladies

For example, opt for a cool sweater from the unisex brand Kaboosh, founded in Antwerp, which only uses 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and speaks out against xenophobia, racism and homophobia with their images and texts on their design.

Or add an extra layer with a cardigan from the Sabinna brand: an inclusive brand that is run by women, and uses recycled and organic materials. Of course you can also go for this sweater warm dress, for example one made of 100% organic cotton from Armedangels with the GOTS, PETA-Approved Vegan and Fair Wear Foundation members quality marks.