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Video: Why Vegan, Slow and Fair?

Kim Kim 17 Dec 2019 Video: Why  Vegan, Slow and Fair?

Together with our seller Laura from the wonderful Take It Slow webshop, we made a video series about vegan & fair fashion. This episode: reasons behind vegan, slow & fair fashion - why we think ethical shopping should be the new normal. Together, we will show you 10 great items from 7 great brands that we are proud of. Are you ready?

The regular fast fashion industry has been doing far too well in recent years. The amount of clothing that has been produced since 2000 has now more than doubled. The average person buys 60% more items of clothing than before and keeps the same clothing for only half as long. We’re all witnessing it: fashion is becoming cheaper and cheaper. Fast fashion is now the most normal thing in the world. But it is the planet and the many workers and animals involved in the industry that end up paying the price for our 'normal' habits.

It must change: slow, vegan, fair and more sustainable

Fortunately, in recent years there has been a growing awareness that the clothing industry is extremely unsafe for our fellow humans and seriously harming our planet. Not only thanks to campaigns like #WhoMadeMyClothes from Fashion Revolution (see bottom of this page), but also thanks to many animal rights organizations, we are seeing more and more faces of the people and animals behind the clothing industry. And we feel that we absolutely don't want to take any part in it.

We think it should be done differently. We say: buy with compassion and as little as possible. But always vegan, fair and as sustainable as you can.



7 honest brands with a good story

The Dutch Alchemist and Kings of Indigo, but also People Tree, Jan 'n June, Armedangels, LangerChen and Matt & Nat are among the fashion brands that we are extremely proud of.

They work with sustainable materials that are less harmful to the environment (including hemp, Tencel, recycled polyester and organic cotton), set up projects that provide safe working conditions with living wages (both local and further away), and no animals are harmed during the production of their items that you see in our department store.

With honesty, transparency and no animal suffering, we can make a step towards a world that we can enjoy for a long time.

So what are we wearing in this video?

Corduroy pants made of hemp and organic cotton, and jeans made with 87.2% less water than regular cotton, with a patch of washable paper instead of cowhide.
Just like the ‘leather’ from Matt & Nat, this bag is completely animal-free. A delightfully warm winter jacket without down filling, but with 'eco down' made from recycled nylon instead of animal feathers. And not a woolen hat, but one that is made of plants - and believe me, there’s no chance you’ll get cold ears under this super cosy beanie!

People Tree
Piper Blouseju...
€ 81,00€ 135,00
Kings of Indigo
Jane Rust
€ 75,00€ 129,95
Coltrui Eryn Na...
€ 83,97€ 139,95
Coltrui Eryn ec...
€ 83,97€ 139,95
Jacket Tangorin...
€ 202,30€ 289,00
Muts Camiraa Wi...
€ 33,92€ 39,90

People Tree
Cecile Jeans 10...
€ 64,50€ 129,00
Matt & Nat
Matt & Nat | Tr...
€ 94,95
Pants Eithne Te...
€ 74,95€ 124,95
Jan 'n June
T-Shirt Nina Mi...
€ 49,90

Watch the Who Made My Clothes campaign from Fashion Revolution here.

This video was made by Fotograaf Cindy.

Video: Why  Vegan, Slow and Fair?