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Vegan, Sustainable & Ethical Women's Gift Guide

Polly 04 Nov 2020 Vegan, Sustainable & Ethical Women's Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner. Hearing this might make you extremely excited - if you are one of those people who just love the holidays and everything that comes with it: the shiny lights on the street, colder weather, Christmas songs...but what about Christmas shopping?

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for all the women in your life - your sister, mum, grandma or your girlfriend is not an easy task. And if you are just like us and you care about the planet, the animals and the workers who make the gifts you buy, Christmas shopping might get even more difficult.

To make Christmas shopping super easy and enjoyable for you, we prepared this Vegan, Sustainable & Ethical Women's Gift Guide. We listed some really beautiful, useful, ethically-made and more sustainable gifts to give this Christmas that she will definitely love. And our planet, the animals and the workers who make them will surely love that too!

Get your playlist of Christmas songs ready and enjoy this guide!

Ethically-made accessories that will make her eyes shine

Earrings Circle...
€ 54,00
Jules Bean

€ 46,74

Watch Mesh Clas...
€ 121,20€ 151,20
Wallet Cork
€ 60,41

Buying clothes for your girlfriend, sister, mum or grandma as a Christmas gift might be tricky. But you can never go wrong with beautiful, more sustainable and ethically-made accessories.

You could choose to go for the subtle gold-coloured earrings that are ethically-made by the hands of craftsmen in Thailand from the brand Hinth or the beautiful Jules Bean necklace that is hand-made in the Netherlands.

If you are ready to spend a bit more money this Christmas, you can surprise her with this incredibly stylish and elegant watch from Votch (you can also find watches that are made of vegan leather) or this wallet made of cork and organic cotton from Bleed.

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Makeup & Personal Care Christmas gifts for women & girls

Ere Perez
Cheek & Lip Tin...
€ 33,60
Bo.Ho Green Cosmetics
Vegan Nail Poli...
€ 7,88€ 9,86
Noumenon Pochet...
€ 24,79
Butterfly safet...
€ 21,60
Croll & Denecke
Reusable make u...
€ 14,83
Tabitha Eve
Reusable bathin...
€ 9,86

One of the easiest and affordable Christmas gifts to give - makeup and personal care products. But make sure that the gifts you are giving are cruelty-free and more sustainable.

For instance, this Cheek & Lip Tint with beetroot extract from Ere Perez and the natural red nail polish from Boho Green Makeup are wonderful vegan products that would fit perfectly into the Noumenon vegan leather makeup bag that is ethically-produced in Italy.

And if you'd like to inspire your girlfriend, sister, mum or grandma to use a more sustainable alternative to single-use products, you have a great opportunity this Christmas. Tabitha Eve offers a bathing sponge made from organic cotton and linen, Croll & Denecke offers reusable bamboo cotton pads. There is also the option to buy a safety razor with reusable blades from Sup. Saying goodbye to single-use personal care products was never that easy. Which one would you love to give?

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Ethical, sustainable and small gifts for women that are so typical for Christmas

Organic and colourful socks as the perfect Christmas gift

Lemon Socks
€ 9,86
Socks Celebrat...
€ 9,98€ 18,05

There comes the age when we start to appreciate the moment when we find socks under the Christmas tree. And even more, when these socks are made of organic cotton! You can find any colourful and crazy patterned socks you'd like to buy for the women in your life.

The lemon socks from Dedicated are made of GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton so you can be sure that this gift is not only cool and useful but also made ethically and more sustainably than just regular (and sometimes very boring) socks. Or, you can go for socks with a loving statement from Phyne - socks made of organic cotton that celebrate diversity and love!

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Sustainable patterned black stockings

Swedish Stockings
Panty Hose Smok...
€ 23,75
Swedish Stockings
Doris Dots Tigh...
€ 22,76

Almost every woman can appreciate beautiful, elegant and comfortable stockings. The collection from Swedish Stockings is a dream come true: produced from both pre- and post-consumer nylon waste, made to last a long time and make the person wearing it feel super comfortable and stylish.

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Vegan hand-made candle and a really sustainable notebook

Atelier Warm
Scented Candle ...
€ 22,74
Moyu Notebooks
Erasable Ring B...
€ 32,34

Candles from Atelier Warm are hand-made, made from organic soy wax (honey bees definitely recommend this one), essential oils and even the cotton wick is organic.

This is a wonderful gift for your mum or grandma as these candles capture the scents of nature - from herbal scents of basil, lavender, fruity ginger, lemongrass, grapefruit to apple pie or even tobacco and oak scent. Another plus is that these candles burn 30% to 45% longer than the regular paraffin candles.

Moyu Notebooks offers a collection of notebooks that not only look amazing but are here to protect the trees - these notebooks are erasable, made from water-repellent stone paper and do not require any wood or water and therefore, its production emits less CO2. Perfect gift for a woman who loves writing to-do lists and weekly planners. An extra: for every notebook you purchase, a tree is planted in Kenya.

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Christmas gifts for all the active women in your life

Girlfriend Collective
Legging Compres...
€ 69,32
Yoga Mat All-In...
€ 42,29€ 60,41

Ucon Acrobatics
Mini Backpack U...
€ 79,28
Bottle Teak Woo...
€ 47,88

Does she enjoy doing yoga, quick workout or going for a run? Or is one of her New Year's resolutions to become more active? Or do you love to go hiking with her? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then we have some great Christmas gifts ideas for you.

Fittastic yoga mats are made of natural rubber with a recycled microfiber top. They are not coloured but digitally printed with water-based colours - and as you can see, these non-slip mats have a beautiful design. And working out on this yoga mat, while wearing leggings made of recycled water bottles from Girlfriend Collective might make the workout even more exciting!

If hiking is her cup of tea, a perfect idea is to give her a stylish and vegan Ucon Acrobatics backpack. A tip: you can hide this reusable drinking bottle made of stainless steel from S'well in the backpack for a double-gift surprise!

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Christmas gifts with a (vegan) message for women

Oat Milk Club
Not your Mom no...
€ 25,00
Oat Milk Club
Pouch Girls jus...
€ 18,00

If she is a vegan who loves to wear clothes that make it clear, you should check out Oat Milk Club and their collection. From slogans like 'make hummus not war', 'bee kind', 'killing nothing but time' to 'not your mum, not your milk' - we are sure you will find the right match for her.

What gift to give when you have absolutely no idea what she wants

Still not sure what she would like, what would fit her or which colour or design she would prefer? Or maybe you are one of those people who leave Christmas shopping on the last minute? No need to panic! There is still a way to make her happy - with a gift card for more sustainable, vegan & fair shopping.

Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for S...
€ 99,17
Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for S...
€ 74,38

Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for S...
€ 49,58
Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for S...
€ 24,79

We truly hope this gift guide served its purpose and you found a perfect vegan, ethical and a more sustainable gift for her. And we hope she will love it too.

We wish you beautiful holidays full of love and joy!