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Ready for fall with your own capsule wardrobe!

Sonja Sonja 20 Sep 2021 Ready for fall with your own capsule wardrobe!

Bring on the cinnamon rolls, pumpkin spice oat milk latte and sweater weather, 'cause I'm ready for fall! Now it's the time to make our closets ready for the new season with both warm scarfs and hats and colourful printed dresses.

Because in fall, as we all know, we better be prepared for any kind of weather. In this blog, I'll show you how I compose my own capsule wardrobe for this season and hopefully, you'll get inspired!

In this article:

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Let's start at the beginning: what is a capsule wardrobe again? A capsule wardrobe is a deliberately small and compact wardrobe that only contains what you really need. Our infographic for the fall capsule wardrobe shows what can be on such a list.

You choose the pieces in your capsule wardrobe carefully, so that the items fit together as much as possible and bring a smile to your face whenever you wear them. Imagine being able to quickly choose what to wear and being happy with every piece in your closet, while making a more sustainable choice. Sounds good, right?

The beginning of your vegan capsule wardrobe for the fall

Before you immediately begin to reorganise your closet or even start a more sustainable wish list, it is good to determine the style of your capsule. Take a look at the contents of your wardrobe and think about which items are your favourites and which ones you never wear. Do you know why?

Is it certain fabrics that you like or dislike, colours you feel comfortable in or not at all? What are your favourite prints?

Write it all down and pick up this Great Log of Personal Taste when you're looking for a new ethical addition to your capsule wardrobe. This prevents bad purchases and ensures you're really happy with all your items. Let me give you more tips on how to start a vegan and more sustainable capsule wardrobe!

Basic colours: dark brown, dark blue, dark red and white

Accent colours: bright red and orange

Prints: graphic prints and colour block leopard

Materials: I like fabrics that keep you nice and warm, such as knitted organic cotton, but also Tencel, which is wonderfully soft, moisture-regulating and works great for layering. I also opt for a cool touch of denim.

The article continues below the image.

this is how you put together a capsule wardrobe wardrobe for autumn

Infographic for the fall capsule by Coralie Boon, @thula_art

My capsule wardrobe for the fall: vegan, fair and more sustainable

As soon as you get started with your first capsule wardrobe, you will undoubtedly discover that you already own some absolute favourites that can directly be added to your list of basic pieces.

This blog is certainly not intended as a wish list for the perfect wardrobe. After all, the perfect wardrobe looks different for everyone. I'm just giving an example of what such a capsule wardrobe could look like.

If you happen to be looking for beautiful vegan ankle boots, a more sustainable sweater or a vegan hat or scarf for fall (and winter!), then you're at the right place for inspiration!

The basic pieces for your fairly produced capsule

Each basic item matches at least 5 other pieces in the capsule. These basic pieces usually have no or subtle prints in the basic colours you have chosen. So in my case beige and brown tones, black and off-white.

Tops: lovely layers of T-shirts, longsleeves and blouses

  • 3 T-shirts / tops with long sleeves
  • 3 tops with short sleeves
  • 2 blouses

With three T-shirts in completely different colours, but all fitting within my colour scheme, the options are numerous. The cobalt blue T-shirt from Arber Studio is made of Tencel. This more durable material feels wonderfully soft and has a nice subtle shine, giving the top a chic look.

A white T-shirt is crucial in practically every capsule wardrobe. This organic cotton item from SKFK has a beautiful draped neckline and folded sleeves, making it both easy to combine and a wonderful addition to your outfit.

Tops and blouses with long sleeves are total essentials during the fall and I always like to have at least one turtleneck top in my collection because they are great for layering. Is it a cool day and would you rather not wear a sweater? Then you can wear a turtleneck underneath a blouse, cardigan, jacket or even underneath another top.

In this collection, I went for a dark red turtleneck top from Armedangels and a cream coloured high neck top from Kings of Indigo, both made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Both tops go beautifully underneath the J LABEL blouse and the cream coloured top can be perfectly combined with the linen chocolate brown shirt from Capsule Studio. Further down the capsule, we're going to see many more items that we can layer with in exactly the same way!

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We've been waiting for this all year: sweater weather!

It's fall, after all!

  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 cardigans
  • 1 blazer
  • 2 coats


The dark blue Armedangels sweater is produced in Turkey and bears the label of the Fair Wear Foundation. This sweater contains just about all our capsule colours and is, therefore, a real staple in this capsule. Is it a very cold day? The dark red turtleneck is a great option!

The organic cotton cardigans by Sabinna and Jan 'n June, as well as the beautiful Capsule Studio double-breasted blazer made of residual materials, can be worn with almost all tops in this capsule wardrobe.

One moment you're sitting on a terrace enjoying a gentle sun, next thing you know you're in the midst of the mother of all rain showers. That's fall for ya!

Since we better be ready for whatever, this capsule contains a nice warm, cuddly Teddy coat made of recycled polyester from Will's Vegan Shoes and a beautiful camel-coloured rain trenchcoat from Maium, made from recycled plastic bottles. This raincoat is so wonderful, it keeps you nice and dry and can even be folded into a rain cape for on the bike. Love it!

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Swaying our dresses, skirts and (flaired) jeans

  • 1 skirt
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 jeans
  • 2 trousers


Denim is always a great basis for your clothing collection and because this capsule has (dark) blue as one of the basic colours, I have chosen quite a few denim items.

First of all a skirt by HNST, made from a mix of recycled denim, Tencel and Greek cotton. From MUD Jeans two beautiful, more sustainable pieces: dark blue flared jeans and vegan high waisted mom jeans, both made from a mix of organic cotton and recycled cotton.

All three are denim items, but all very different. Literally, everything I shared with you above can be combined with these denim pieces.

I also chose a cognac-coloured EcoVero dress from Common & Sense. I am in love with the colour, the length and the coconut wood buttons. You can wear it with bare arms in case of an Indian summer and with the blazer or one of the cardigans on top of it, or with the dark red top with turtleneck underneath for the cooler days.

Surprise, the beautiful Capsule Studio blazer is part of a suit! I couldn't resist including the entire suit in this capsule wardrobe. Simple and chic with the cream-coloured top underneath, totally in the mood for fall with the dark red top with turtleneck or sporty and trendy with the bright red T-shirt. Everything is possible!

And now it's time for the eye-catchers. If it's fair, flaunt it!

The eye-catchers of your capsule wardrobe have the accent colours and prints of your choice. In addition, this list may also contain more special types of clothing, such as a jumpsuit or a suit. These show pieces have been selected in such a way that they can be combined with your basic pieces.

  • 2 blouses
  • 1 sweater vest
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 dress
  • 1 pair of trousers
  • 1 jumpsuit or dungaree
  • 1 vegan leather jacket or denim jacket
  • 1 blazer


The bright orange EcoVero blouse from SKFK may be an absolute eye-catcher, it won't be a mismatch with the rest of the capsule wardrobe. On the contrary, bright orange and dark blue are a surprisingly beautiful combination.

How about combining this blouse with the more pastel sweater vest and the dark blue flared jeans? Very comfy and stylish.

I chose a beautiful printed jacket from Sabinna. Because of the oversized fit you can even wear this on top of a sweater. It looks great with all denim items and you could even wear it as an in-between jacket.

The Stoffbruch dress has such a lovely brightly coloured print. Wear the beige blazer on top of it to that business meeting, combine it with the dark red cardigan when going out with friends and wear the brown denim jacket from AFORA.WORLD on top when you go to the park.

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Which vegan shoes are the striking pieces of your capsule wardrobe

One of the few advantages of cold and wet weather (apart from the hot chocolate): we can wear sturdy, beautifully made and vegan (leather) shoes again! For shoes, I usually choose my basic colours, because they will match with most outfits. I personally like to opt for a single pair in a striking colour, such as heels or sneakers.

You'll be amazed how a bright colour - if chosen carefully - looks great with your entire capsule and takes any outfit to the next level!

  • 2 pairs of sneakers
  • 2 pairs of ankle boots
  • high shaft boots
  • heels


The Ella & Witt vegan leather sneakers, made from corn waste and recycled PET bottles, match all the items you saw above. Dark blue, brown and orange are all combined on this more sustainable shoe.

Remember the outfit I described above with the blue leopard print dress? Add this sneaker to it and you're done! When you need a more neutral sneaker, there is the beautiful canvas pair from Bamburista, made of bamboo.

Ankle boots are always a great option. For this capsule, I chose a more elegant Mireia Playà heeled pair, ethically produced in Portugal and made from recycled polyester, and a bolder pair with laces and buckles from Will's Vegan Shoes.

Teammate Amie recently connected the beautiful A Perfect Jane to our platform and that made me very happy! These vegan cowboy boots are made in Portugal under fair working conditions from apple leather and they're gorgeous. They go perfect with a denim skirt or blue leopard dress.

More sustainable accessories are the crown on your fall capsule

A warm vegan hat and scarf are of course indispensable in the fall, but a pretty sustainable backpack and crossbody bag are also very convenient in your capsule wardrobe.

Apply the same basic rules here: make sure that your favourite bag, scarf and hat are a good match with at least your jacket(s), but preferably also with the rest of your capsule.

  • backpack
  • crossbody bag
  • shoulder bag
  • 1 belt
  • pair of sunglasses
  • jewellery
  • 1 hat
  • 1 scarf


A very bright red hat and scarf you say? It's a yes from me! These 100% organic cotton knits from AFORA.WORLD are made in a factory that is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

The items are eye-catchers for sure, but trust me when I say that this is a great combination with the camel coloured coats from this capsule. A stunning look with a nice and warm feel!

The gold jewellery completes the capsule wardrobe. From Nouare Jewelry I choose the cool link chain and beautiful ring with turquoise stone, made by partners who are members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and the beautiful minimalist earrings made of recycled silver coated in recycled gold by Bound Studios.

Are you starting your vegan capsule wardrobe this fall?

I have no secrets anymore - you now know how I put together a vegan, fair and more sustainable capsule wardrobe! You can do the same in your own style and taste. Will this fall be the start of your capsule wardrobe adventure?