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Content & Research Intern

Polly Polly 28 Sep 2021 Content & Research Intern

We are looking for someone who would be excited to join our small team with big dreams. Someone who enjoys writing about veganism, ethics, sustainability and fashion. Someone who is passionate about making a difference through in-depth articles as well as social media posts and light-hearted blogs.

Does this sound like the right internship for you? And would you like to help us increase and improve our social media presence, build on the coolest content ideas while making sure that the target audience finds it thanks to your on-site & off-site SEO work? Then keep on reading!

Welcome at Shop Like You Give a Damn, the largest 100% vegan, fair and sustainable online department store in Europe. Our marketplace offers a collection of vegan clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, homeware, makeup and care products for essentially everyone, from hundreds of ethical brands and sellers.

Who are we?

Hi, we are Stephan, Kim and Alex: three enthusiasts who want to turn the shopping world upside down with their vegan start-up, now a twelve-person team, great plans and a healthy dose of impatience. We always say: shop with compassion. As little as possible. But when you do buy something, make it a vegan, fair and sustainable purchase. That is kind to all beings on earth. Kind to our fellow animals, to our fellow people, to all future generations.

Our mission is to make compassion and sustainability the new normal, by making ethical and mindful shopping really easy for everyone. That’s why we founded the largest online vegan department store for fair and sustainable products in Europe. For those who give a damn.

What are you going to do?

The steps we are taking towards the world we dream of could be even bigger. That is why we are looking for someone to help us out and join the team. In short: you are going to help us grow and be more impactful.

  • You will work with a content calendar and make it your mission to write all kinds of strong, amazing and interesting blogs. These might be fun and light articles à la our Shop-the-Look series or more data-driven and in-depth research articles, related to the five most important themes within our criteria: veganism, fair production chains, sustainability, inclusivity and social entrepreneurship.
  • You will help us with our SEO strategy as well as with outreaching to other publishers and journalists.
  • You will help carry out our social and content strategy and if you like, also design visuals and graphics. This way, you will be able to fully participate in executing our branding.
  • You will manage the social media channels under the guidance of our content director Kim and with advice from our in-house influencer Sonja.
  • Plus… whatever opportunities you deem important - convince us it’s the way to go and we’d love you to have a go at it!

And who are you?

You are proactive and dare to take charge of your tasks. We realise that you're just starting your career but even still - you share Pippi Longstocking’s vision of life: "I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that."

We’ll teach you a lot - but at the same time, you are not afraid to work independently, and dare to take initiative without being taken by the hand all the time. You are simply eager to prove what you can do by yourself.

We are a small team with plenty of great ideas and not enough time to implement them all. But we’re still working day and night to make our department store the platform for fair, environmentally friendlier and 100% vegan fashion and cosmetics in Europe. Of course, we won't ask you to work 24/7, but like all other jobs with us, this internship does require a certain type of personality and passion-driven attitude to really make an impact on the world with us.

We think that the following set of traits, interests and experience will be the best match:

  • You are a vegan and have a passion for a vegan, fair & sustainable lifestyle - preferably fashion in particular.
  • You live in Amsterdam (or nearby).
  • You have a high verbal but especially written proficiency in English (speaking and writing Dutch is a big plus) and you are excellent at writing flawlessly and in an appealing way.
  • You are proactive and love to take initiative.
  • You already use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and maybe even TikTok regularly and you know the ins & outs of these social media platforms.
  • Any knowledge of SEO is a huge plus. (Eagerness to learn more about SEO counts too.)
  • You follow a higher vocational or university education in the field of Communication (science), Journalism, Media, PR, Marketing or a similar field of study.
  • You will be available from the beginning of 2021 for a period of about 5 to 6 months for 32 - 40 hours per week.
  • You cannot wait to roll up your sleeves and start creating great content with our team!

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity to learn, gain real-work experience and set your creativity free;
  • The opportunity to make a real impact WITH and IN our startup and determine its future course with us;
  • Collaborate with an enthusiastic and incredible team of do-gooders;
  • Working in Amsterdam, but most of the time flexible working wherever and whenever you want;
  • Vegan treats whenever we have (some/no)thing to celebrate;
  • A wonderfully relaxed and fun start-up culture where you won't be afraid to ask and discuss anything
  • A regular internship allowance.

Challenge accepted? Send your CV and motivation letter to Questions? Feel free to contact us for some extra information first.

Challenge Accepted