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Baby Toys

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Jyoti Fair Works
Knuffel Aap Alf...
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Infantium Victoria
Knuffel Fanny d...
$ 40,95
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Jyoti Fair Works
Olifant Emil Wi...
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Eco-friendly & fair toys for your baby: when toys meet sustainability

Let your baby play with ethically-made and more sustainable toys. Your little one will have a lot of fun with the best eco-friendly baby toys. And you'll have a great time too. But you would enjoy looking at your baby even if they would be playing with your hair. Or maybe not. That might hurt a little too much.

But bying more sustainable toys for your baby means taking care of their future. And the future of our planet. No matter if you're looking for baby toys for girls, boys or gender-neutral baby toys. Just scroll through our wonderful collection of ethically-made and sustainable baby toys. We're sure you'll find the right toy for your baby.

Ethical wooden baby toys are meant for plastic-free playtime 🌳

There are many benefits of wooden baby toys. They stimulate creativity and encourage imaginative play. This also promotes cognitive and problem-solving skills development. And the natural textures of wooden baby toys invite them to fully explore their senses. So, wooden baby toys are wonderful plastic-free toys for newborns.

But do you know which wooden baby toys are the best? The ones that are made ethically and more sustainably. And that is where Plan Toys comes in. Have a look at their amazing sustainable wooden baby car toys and eco-friendly wooden baby food toys.

And if you're looking for baby toys that aren't plastic, you might have found the perfect baby toy already! They are made from recycled wood and with non-toxic wood glue. Amazing, right?

Baby toys from recycled materials: from waste to joy ♻️

Recycled plastic baby toys made from household waste… Nope, you're not dreaming! Zsilt makes baby toys that are made to last and make your baby smile. Their sand and beach baby toys are perfect for your summer holidays or other family adventures.

Ethical and eco-friendly baby toys give the best hugs and cuddles 🐻

Getting cuddled up by eco-friendly plush toys that are so soft you don't want to let go of them. That's how your baby might feel when they are playing with eco-friendly stuffed animals. Check out GOTS-certified stuffed animals from Jyoti Fair Works or Infantium Victoria. For happy babies and a liveable planet.