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Infantium Victoria
Baby Sweater Bl...
$ 69,41
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Infantium Victoria
Knitted Black S...
$ 99,16
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Infantium Victoria
Cardigan Black ...
$ 118,99
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Infantium Victoria
Summer Cardigan...
$ 118,99
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Infantium Victoria
Knitted Black a...
$ 99,16
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All about environmentally responsible baby knitwear 👼

Knitted clothing looks so cute on babies. But again, what doesn’t look cute on babies?! In this section, you’ll find the most precious vegan knitwear for babies. 

Browse through a range of colours and patterns, buttons and zippers, whichever you deem better for your little one (or somebody else’s, in case you’re looking to buy a gift).

Baby jumpers and cardigans to look fresh and stylish when it’s time to go to their little friends’ birthday party or to get dressed to go to school. Combine their knitted baby cardigan with a pair of baby trousers and they’re good to go. 

Organic and recycled materials make great baby knitwear ♻️

Babies deserve the best. That’s why our brands and sellers try to prioritise more sustainable fabrics in the making of baby (and all) clothes in general. 

Materials like organic or up/recycled cotton, hemp, organic linen and even bamboo can be great alternatives to the wasteful and environmentally unfriendly textiles used in the fast fashion industry.

Ethical cute cardigans for your baby 🧵

Cardigans are easy to layer. They complement a variety of outfits and let’s be honest: they look adorable on babies. You can teach your baby how to button up for the first time with one of these buttoned cardigans we’ve put together in this segment! 

Rest assured that the brands and sellers we work with are 100% vegan, so worry not: no animals ingredients have been used whilst manufacturing these garments. 

Baby knitwear jumpers made of more sustainable textiles 🧶

Our seller Infantium Victoria is one of the pioneers when it comes to children’s and babies vegan clothing. They always make sure to use more sustainable fabrics when making their garments.

Their baby jumpers and cardigans are created with GOTS certified organic cotton, and they go beyond when it comes to the final touches: some baby jumpers even have coconut shell buttons! How cute (and smart use of resources!).