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Infantium Victoria
Padded Green Ve...
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Infantium Victoria
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Infantium Victoria
Grim Reaper Jac...
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Ethical baby clothing: baby jackets for every occasion 👶

When it gets chilly outside, you know it’s time to dress your baby as well as you can to make sure they’re warm and dry. Comfy sweatshirt, a baby hat and above all: a sustainable jacket. 

Whether it’s raining, snowing or super windy outside, you don’t want your baby to feel cold. Here’s where you can find baby jackets made with environmentally friendlier textiles.  

We’ve brought together the brands and sellers that are committed to creating comfortable and cosy babywear. Not just for winter, but for any occasion you deem a jacket necessary for your baby. 

More sustainable baby winter jackets: warm at all times 🧥

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for baby outerwear. Keep your baby cosy and comfortable in one of these ethically produced baby winter jackets. Overcoats, bomber jackets, we’ve got them all. 

Our seller Infantium Victoria is specialized in creating clothes for babies and children in general. They offer classy vegan clothes for infants of all ages, and their jackets are made with organic cotton

Infantium Victoria is also a socially responsible seller, they offer fair wages to its workers who sew the garments in India. 

Keep your baby dry with a vegan light jacket for a rainy day 🌧️

Light jackets are great for when it’s raining, but not too cold. This way you don’t have to overdress your baby with 35 different layers. We’ve got some great lightweight baby jackets made with more sustainable fabrics. 

Great for summer, spring and fall, light baby jackets are practical to wear and add an extra layer of protection between the vegan top or ethical t-shirt your baby is wearing, and the drizzle or the wind blowing outside.

Our seller Studio JUX offers some stylish and comfy cardigans and other baby knitwear pieces created by the brand PureBaby. Feel free to browse through our baby outerwear collection.