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Pink rib Hat
$ 11,66
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Infantium Victoria
Black and Blue ...
$ 54,54
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Infantium Victoria
Wizard Pointy H...
$ 49,58
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Infantium Victoria
Grey Scarf-Hat
$ 49,58
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Infantium Victoria
Black Knitted H...
$ 54,54
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Infantium Victoria
Black and Yello...
$ 54,54
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Infantium Victoria
Turban Black
$ 49,58
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Infantium Victoria
Turban Velvet C...
$ 49,58
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Infantium Victoria
Off-White Beani...
$ 44,63
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Infantium Victoria
Blue Beanie Hat...
$ 44,63
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Discover more sustainable hats for babies 👶

When it’s time to go out to hang out with the family, no matter what the weather is like, having a baby hat is always great. They can be protective when it’s too warm, and keep things warm when it’s too cold. 

Not to mention that babies look cute with absolutely any baby accessory. That’s one of the main reasons why we’ve compiled a bunch of baby hats for you to choose from. 

With a range of plant-based materials, patterns and colours we hope to please the dads, moms, aunties and uncles by dressing their little ones, more sustainably and with style. 

Keep the baby warm with a cute and cosy vegan beanie ☃️

Beanies are probably the most comfortable hat out there. They are well fitted around your head and provide some thick cushiony layer of warmth around your head. 

Our collection of beanies for babies includes Studio JUX’s organic cotton beanies that come in a few different colours. They ensure that the working conditions are healthy and safe for their employees in their factory in Nepal. 

Perfect for newborn babies, BiNKi has created some beautiful and more sustainable rib hats! Made of recycled cotton and Oeko-tex certified, their baby hats are made in The Netherlands with care for the people and the environment. 

Adorable caps made of organic textiles for your baby 🧢

During the summertime when the sun is shining, we all appreciate a nice swim in a pool or a beach day with the family. Can babies also take part in this amazing experience! Of course they can! 

One of the reasons we’ve compiled baby hats in this section is to make sure that the babies can be protected and safe during the warm seasons. By making sure that your baby has a cap on, you could guarantee that they don’t get direct sunlight onto their chubby face. 

Cold winter months require thick beanies and scarves for babies ❄️

We couldn’t leave out our amazing seller who’s a champion when it comes to children’s and babies clothing and accessories: Infantium Victoria

They offer some cosy, comfortable and warm hat-scarves to make sure that your baby can go out in the wintertime without feeling cold at all. Whether you prefer the knitted look, made with certified organic cotton yarn or an organic cotton blend for a more natural look - we’ve got the right hat for your baby!